ExtendScript Problems in CS4

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ExtendScript Problems in CS4

Post by slehar »

I just loaded Photoshop CS4 including Extendscript editor, and I have problems.

The DATA BROWSER doesn't work as it did in CS3. When I click on a [+] to expand an object to find its properties and methods, it generally fails to expand, so I can't see its properties or methods.

And clicking [+] often jogs me abruptly to a different point in the data browser list, so I have to scroll up or down to find where I was before I clicked.

Also, doesn't the ExtendScript editor do context-sensitive auto-completion? If I type (for example) "MyDocument. ", shouldn't it show me a little pop-up window that lists the available properties and methods of MyDocument? (assuming it is defined) I didn't see this feature in CS3 either, except in an abortive or buggy way (showed totally inappropriate completions at totally unexpected times). Since I am new to JavaScript, this kind of real-time assistance would be really helpful to save me hunting through documentation. We have come to expect these features from other editors these days. And with the DATA BROWSER also busted, that leaves us high and dry.