ESTK CDATA parse problem

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ESTK CDATA parse problem

Post by xbytor »

I filed this with Adobe.

Problem Description:

A script with the CDATA end token ]]> in either a string literal or in a comment cannot be launched from with ESTK. Attempting to do so will lock up ESTK requiring a restart. This makes debugging scripts with a <javascriptresource> block that includes a terminology dictionary problematic.

Steps to Reproduce:
Save the following to a jsx file, open the file in ESTK, and hit the Run button.

#target photoshop

Actual Result:

ESTK locks up requiring a restart.

Expected Result:

"done" should be written to the ESTK JS console.

Any Workarounds:
In the string literal case, the token can be split: "]]" + ">";
In the comment case, the only workaround is to remove the token.