Save as JPEG in origin image folder with custom prefix in the name

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Save as JPEG in origin image folder with custom prefix in the name

Post by jinling288 »

I have a great Javascript .jsx that I've found online back in 2015. It works like a charm! It saves the opened in Photoshop file with 1 click as high quality JPEG in the same folder as an original file:

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#target photoshop

var saveFile = new File(activeDocument.path);

// =======================================================

var idsave = charIDToTypeID( "save" );

    var desc8 = new ActionDescriptor();

    var idAs = charIDToTypeID( "As  " );

        var desc9 = new ActionDescriptor();

        var idEQlt = charIDToTypeID( "EQlt" );

        desc9.putInteger( idEQlt, 12 );

        var idMttC = charIDToTypeID( "MttC" );

        var idMttC = charIDToTypeID( "MttC" );

        var idNone = charIDToTypeID( "None" );

        desc9.putEnumerated( idMttC, idMttC, idNone );

    var idJPEG = charIDToTypeID( "JPEG" );

    desc8.putObject( idAs, idJPEG, desc9 );

    var idIn = charIDToTypeID( "In  " );

    desc8.putPath( idIn, new File( saveFile ) );

    var idDocI = charIDToTypeID( "DocI" );

    desc8.putInteger( idDocI, 35 );

    var idCpy = charIDToTypeID( "Cpy " );

    desc8.putBoolean( idCpy, false );

    var idLwCs = charIDToTypeID( "LwCs" );

    desc8.putBoolean( idLwCs, true );

    var idsaveStage = stringIDToTypeID( "saveStage" );

    var idsaveStageType = stringIDToTypeID( "saveStageType" );

    var idsaveSucceeded = stringIDToTypeID( "saveSucceeded" );

    desc8.putEnumerated( idsaveStage, idsaveStageType, idsaveSucceeded );

executeAction( idsave, desc8, DialogModes.NO );

Is there a way to modify that script so it can:
  • Add the prefix, something like "_" at the beginning of the file (i.e. "_Image.jpg")
    Close the original opened file in Photoshop without saving or asking to save it. I've found this line, but I'm unsure where to add it to the existing script:

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It would make this amazing script even more useful and help me save so much time automating the process of saving over 7500 images I'm editing at the moment.

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Re: Save as JPEG in origin image folder with custom prefix in the name

Post by Kukurykus »

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if (documents.length) {
	(jpg = JPEGSaveOptions)
	.quality = 12; with(activeDocument)
		saveAs(File(path + '/_' + name), jpg, true),