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Reading MetaData Help

Post by viper04 »


I'm trying to add to the already "Extract Metadata" script that reads and outputs to csv which works well.
I have been able to add new items to the selection etc, but when I want to extract specific data I'm unsure what "keywords" are supposed to be used. Is there an api.chm file that indicates this or what?

For example:

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var gpsAlt ="" ,"exif:GPSAltitude");
if(gpsAlt == undefined) gpsAlt = '';
Line += csvtab + eval(gpsAlt);
gets the GPS Altitude, but where does one reference this line from?

Code: Select all"" ,"exif:GPSAltitude");
I tried to fill in the blanks for GPS Image Direction as follows:

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var gpsImg ="","exif:GPSImgDirection");
if(gpsImg == undefined) gpsImg = '';
Line += csvtab + eval(gpsImg);
but that's a no go.

I'm assuming it's this reference line

Code: Select all"","exif:GPSImgDirection")

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Anyone point me to where I can get these references as I would like to add a bunch to this existing tool.