xtools v2.2 beta released

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xtools v2.2 beta released

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You can find the 2.2 beta here:
https://sourceforge.net/projects/ps-scr ... v2.2betas/ ... v2.2betas/

Here are the most recent changes:

Current 2.2b1
Added fix for layer.resize bug. Added new function Stdlib.resizeLayer(). Added support for DescValueType.LARGEINTEGERTYPE. This affects Stream and Action related library, and xapps/xapps scripts. Tweaked GetterDemo because of ScriptUI bug in CS6+. Will save to file if Application is selected. SLCFix code now replaces """ with ". This also affects LastLogEntry. There may be some edge cases where this breaks code, but it unbreaks far more SL generated code. Added isCC2014() and changed isCC(). Minor tweaks to xapps/apps scripts to improve usability/UI. Unfixed Stdlib._selectFile for CS6+. The underlying bug has been taken care of in subsequent PS revs. Validated compatiblity back to CS4 for most xapps/apps scripts.
There were quite a few changes in Action related code. Let me know if you find any problems there or anywhere else.