Question about matching color between images

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Question about matching color between images

Post by ChristianK »

I would like to know if it is possible to match the colors of a defined area (by a mask or a saved selection) between several images from a reference image, using a script.
For example, a packshot of a purple t-shirt which acts as a reference image, is it possible to align the color of the T-Shirt with other images with the same t-shirt. The idea would be to keep the color with its nuances of brightness, so that it looks as natural as possible. So a model wearing the purple t-shirt will be correctly rendered. The goal having the complete series of images with the same t-shirt aligned with the color purple. I'm writing here to find out if this question is relevant, or if the project is more complicated than it seems because I haven't thought of specific cases that prevent automation through a script. Thank you in advance for your informed advice, and has this subject already been discussed?
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