AH NextImage 2

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AH NextImage 2

Post by Norbert »

What exactly do you do at that point.

Close the other one (no save) with F12.

The keeper is used this way:
An action resizes the picture put it on the clipboard and closes it with no save. The next step in the action is Open the graphic load the selection and Past the Clipboard INTO the selection. Now it is printed and closed (F12).
Nothing on the screen now because I use Tab to hide the Actions or have them hidden all the time and work with the F keys and their combinations.
Here is where I am trying your ah_script launch. with the actions because it closes when the action is run. This is a good step bacause it does not look like PS.

Other graphics need two, three or even 5 pictures this is way I set the script to "0". The action takes care of resizing puts it to the clipboardand closes it, open graphic loads the selection Pasts INTO goes to the next picture and so forth.

What the script could do is: Rotate all open pictures and when CS2 is used to tile them. CW and CCW should be an option so shoul taken this out all together with a clear description in the script on "how to do this"

I have over 100 designs with the actions and started to sell the packages
for $ 300 and have sold so far 8 in 6 weeks with only worth of mouth advertising.

Later when I am going to incorporate your or someone elses scripts I will of course make a deal and pay for every one sold.
To night your script will be baptized and run in production..
I would be willing to send you a disk so you can see and test.
Email me.

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AH NextImage 2

Post by Andrew »

I am going to modify the script so that it determines next image based on:

- either on the previous last image the script opened (remembered mode),
- or on whichever open image has the highest number in the name (open documents mode).

All settings will be determined in a set-up script.

I do not think building into this script steps such as rotation, file deletion etc would easily work. At the moment the script is flexible and generic, in order to do those steps it would have to become less flexible and less generic. If they are required they are probably best deal with via separate mini-scripts as steps in an action, or as scripts to be run in their own right.


AH NextImage 2

Post by Norbert »

You are absolutely right. The script with (Remembered Mode and Open Documents Mode) is all there is needed.

Was working today with the script and it worked without any problem.

An other script like: Rotate all open documents which invoked with an Action
will do the trick. This would be better than Ctrl+Tab followed by F11 (my Fkey for rotate) followed by the same sequence two or more times.

No need to do anything else to it.

Will email you Tuesday.


AH NextImage 2

Post by Andrew »

I have released the new versions of both nextimage scripts which now include a settings Dialog window - see the top two posts in this thread.


AH NextImage 2

Post by nickrains »


I see from the above posts that Next Image2 is apparently released yet I cannot find a link to the script. Am I missing something?

This script may solve a workflow problem for me very neatly so I am keen to see this version

Thanks and great work...

Nick Rains

AH NextImage 2

Post by Andrew »

If you read the beginning of the first post above you will see that the script has for the time being been withdrawn, it will be rereleased in a month or so.

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Re: AH NextImage 2

Post by Stephen_A_Marsh »

Even today, these scripts are still talked about – but were lost.

Can they be restored?

If somebody has a copy, is it OK to repost them?