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Batch processing help

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Hello all,

coming here because I don't have the skills to edit my action scripts.. First of all, I'm using the attached actions to edit +30k icons and it serves me well. Now I have to make different styles - currently having "Thin" variant (in the zip, there 3 files, the Photoshop's .atn file and decompiled version in xml and jsx)

So, I'm attaching three PNGs: Original is the base which I'm working with, Square_thin is the result which I'm getting with attached processing. The last picture Square_crisp is what I'm willing to have an Action to generate icons. This example was made by a friend of mine, but again I've tried to add additional steps and I'm failing miserably.

Would really appreciate some help on this, and if it's quite difficult to build the Actions for Crisp version I could make a donation or pay reasonable fee.

Link to archive with Actions files: ... sp=sharing
Square_Thin.png (10.71 KiB) Viewed 287 times
Square_crisp.png (4.67 KiB) Viewed 288 times
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