QR Code Generation ?

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QR Code Generation ?

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I am writing a Photoshop script that will process images for printing. Part of the process is to add a barcode to the edge of the image before saving.

Because of the amount of data I want to put in a small area (about 2.5cm square), I think QR code is the best. I already have 2D scanners so I can read QR no problem.

I do a similar thing now with Code128 barcodes which I produce separately as JPGs from the Mac BarcodeGenerator app. The data in these is only about 10 characters. Code128 would be unmanageable with the data I need to put in.

I would like, somehow, to be able to generate the QR code in the script as this will make the process simpler for users.

I have downloaded a couple of Photoshop QR Generator extensions, but neither can be controlled by actions. I have use the script listener too but this outputs 3.2mb when the QR is generated but the generated jsx code is unclear as to how I could edit it for producing a different codes. If I try to code "123456" then search for that in the jsx, it's not there.

I have edited script listener code before in a similar way with good results, but this time I cannot see what to change.

Do you know of a way I can script the production of unique QR codes?

I can always fall back on generating them externally but it's a step in the process I could do without.