Notifiers bug: anyone else notice this?

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Notifiers bug: anyone else notice this?

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Hi folks,
just thought I'd share a tidbit I discovered.
When creating notifiers via script, as long as the ESTK is open, some of them won't work. once you close the ESTK, then the eventFile script will work as expected. For example this simple script just runs an alert if the SharpenEdges filter is run:

Code: Select allapp.notifiersEnabled = true;
var eventFile = File("/c/alertAfterEvent.jsx");
app.notifiers.add('ShrE', eventFile, "Dcmn");

After running this script, I can see the event is in the 'Script Events Manager". If I run the Sharpen Edges filter with ESTK open, I get nothing. BUT, Close the ESTK and try it again, and the alert happens as expected.
ARGH!! yet another nuance to be aware of when writing and testing your code in ESTK.

anyone else notice this?