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New Creative Script Available

Post by Mikaeru »

I recently released a new creative script named Adjustment & Fill Gallery which applies on an existing RGB image a preset effect made of a stack of adjustment layers and fill layers. It uses the new module jamLayers, part of the JSON Action Manager scripting library.

Presets are actually plain JSON text files containing sequences of adjustment layers and fill layers, expressed in Layer Object Simplified Format, among:

Black & white adjustmentBrightness/contrast adjustmentChannel mixer adjustmentColor balance adjustmentCurves adjustmentExposure adjustmentGradient map adjustmentHue/saturation adjustmentInvert adjustmentLevels adjustmentPhoto filter adjustmentPosterize adjustmentSelective color adjustmentThreshold adjustmentVibrance adjustmentGradient fillPattern fillSolid color fillThe following sets of effects are available:

B&W ToningBleach BypassChannel OperationsColor InfraredColor OverlayColor ToningCross-ProcessingCyanotypeInversionLomo PhotographyPhotographic ToningPsychedelic ArtRedscale FilmSepia ToningSoft ColorSplit ToningVintage Look Toning--Mikaeru