Do people post scripts here in VBscipt?

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Clutch Cargo
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Do people post scripts here in VBscipt?

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Hi there, just discovered these forums. Hear that Adobe has moved their script forums to some obscure location and doesn't get the luv it once did. My questing is simple. Are scripts all in Java or do/will members also post in vbscript? I use vbscript and Python but I don't wish to wait people's time if they only post in Java. Maybe if I state my post requesting vbs or will that fall on deaf ears.

Thx to all and Happy Halloween!

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Re: Do people post scripts here in VBscipt?

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This is not official Adobe forums if you mean that. It's Photoshop restored scripting forum founded originally by Mike Hale.

The scripting language for Photoshop is ExtendScript, that is adapted to Ps (and other Adobe apps) from obsolete JavaScript version.

That's true VBScript is much less popular, but you can try putting your request / code to see if anyone can help / refer to your post...