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I've been doing a bit of CameraRaw programming lately. One of the main things I wanted to do was apply a Camera Raw Preset to a file, which I've done.

Here's a comment block from the script. There's a test function at the bottom that shows how to invoke some of the functions.

Let me know if you come across any problems.
I've only tested this in CS3. I have no clue if it will work in CS2.


Code: Select all// Camera Menu Items in Bridge
//   CameraRaw.applyDefaultSettings(files)
//   CameraRaw.clearSettings(files)
//   CameraRaw.copySettings(files)
//   CameraRaw.pasteSettings(files)
//   CameraRaw.applyPreviousSettings(files)
//   CameraRaw.applyPreset(preset, files)
//     'preset' can a name (e.g. 'NikonD80'). If it is, the function looks for
//        the preset file in the 'standard' location.
//     'preset' can also be a File object, in which case it is used directly.
// Reading and Writing CR Settings directly
//   CameraRaw.applySettings(settings, files)
//   CameraRaw.getSettings(files)
//   CameraRaw.getSetting(name, files)
//      'settings' in an object. The names of the properties are also the
//      names of the Camera Raw settings. They can be in a simple form
//      (like 'Exposure') or they can have a prefix attached ('crs:Exposure').
//      If a prefix is present, it must be 'crs'. All others will be ignored.