Crude AutoSave for Windows Photoshop

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Paul MR

Crude AutoSave for Windows Photoshop

Post by Paul MR »

Its a bit crude as the document in Photoshop MUST exist on the HDD.

Unzip and place file in the Bridge Startup Scripts folder.
To find this folder:
Start Bridge - Edit - Preferences - Startup Scripts - click the "Reveal" button.
This will open the folder where to place the script.

To run the script you will find the option at the bottom of the "Tools" menu.

Another drawback is that you can not use Bridge at the same time.
The script shuts down when no documents are open in Photoshop.

Please use ctrl/s instead.

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Re: Crude AutoSave for Windows Photoshop

Post by chuckrt »

Sorry to bother, but where is the script for this?