Illustrator *.eps Inspector Panel…

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Illustrator *.eps Inspector Panel…

Post by larsen67 »

There's NOT a great deal to say about these files… A file format that I try NOT to use myself these days but plenty of others still do… So I've done this one only for the 'measurements' really… What you should get… See image posted below…

1. The File name… (pretty self-evident)
2. Last Modified… (ditto this)
3. File Dimensions… (in 'mm' for now)
4. The Postscript Level…
5. The Used Process Separations… (if a file is RGB then this 'should' be what it 'will' separate to)
6. The Used Spot Color Count… (this is the ones used in the file and NOT the document swatches)
7. The Required Fonts… (not embedded in file)

Same comment regarding Units if wanted?

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