auto start an action

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auto start an action

Post by knightndey »

Hello group, had great help a few years ago when needed and in that boat again.

I need a script that will start an action for me. I have photos loading ok from a hot folder into photoshop, but I really don't want to have to put an F3 or F4 button to start the set of actions. Any thing that will work there? Photos are loading one at a time as I take them tethered to my camera. The action closes the photo saved, so would a script also then start the actions on the next image in line that has been imported if I am shooting faster than just one at a time. Otherwise, could the script (if possible) start the next one that way imported.

Thanks in advance

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Re: auto start an action

Post by prasad »

type following line to start action automatically
doAction('action name','action set name');

Mention Action name and Action set name