Automating "Merge to HDR Pro" Script

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Automating "Merge to HDR Pro" Script

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I'm starting to take more handheld HDR photos these days and would like to optimize my workflow a bit. Pretty much the same as to what Photomatix is doing. (Photomatix is great, but Photoshop's alignment of handheld shots is a lot better I think).

Is it possible to automate Photoshop's "File/Automate/Merge to HDR Pro..."?

For example, I've got a folder with 30 images, all bracketed in groups of 3 shots. I'd like Photoshop to open 3 images at a time and then merge them to a 32-bit HDR TIF file, which then gets saved into whatever location. (Doesn't have to be the same folder).
Ideally, the saved filename would be the same as the first photo's filename (plus a suffix like "_HDR" maybe).

Thank you!!