How do I Space out images horizontally

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How do I Space out images horizontally

Post by Dav »

I am new to scripting in photoshop and need to create a script to help with speeding up my workflow i cant find any pre done scripts to help me with this so im trying to do it my self (with all you to help please ),

basically what I am trying to do is have a group of layers have the layers inside it spread out evenly into positions according to the size of the image/layer and the art-board on a horizontal line for example:
if 1 image it is centred horizontally
if 2 images they are place side by side
if 3 images they are the same as the 2 images but the 3rd one is in the center of the art-board
and so on
but normally only working with up to 6 images a line on a 5000 x 5000 art-board

The other thing that im asking is if i need to select the group or if it could happen automatically sort of
creating a template of sorts but thats not the main question :)

Please Help Me with this.