Javascript time limit(trial)

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Re: Javascript time limit(trial)

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luis miguel wrote:Can you overcome this problem?
The only way to do this is to have a server for managing serial numbers and have crypto on both sides of the pipe. I did an implementation years ago and it was a pain in the ass to get right. I think I was using Flex at the time which hasn't been supported in this decade.

My best advice is to ignore the possibility that someone fiddles with the computer's date.

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Re: Javascript time limit(trial)

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You can put custom descriptor into Photoshop after each start. It persists until you explicitly delete them.

Application.putCustomOptions (key: string , customObject: ActionDescriptor , persistent: Boolean )
Application.eraseCustomOptions (key: string )
Application.getCustomOptions (key: string ): ActionDescriptor

I have no Idea if you can easy get/remove all custom options if you don't know key.

You also can get recent files list... there are paths to the files and you can get modified time of these files. So you can have suspicion if 5 from 20 files are from future :-D

It's not optimal and bulletproof but easy to implement and cheater will have harder work.