Image Processor Pro v3.0.1 released

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Image Processor Pro v3.0.1 released

Post by xbytor »

Image Processor Pro v3.0.1 is released and can be found here: ... ro/v3_0_1/ ... ro/v3_0_1/

Here are the changes:

---------------------------- v3.0.1 ----------------------------------

- Removed 'Cancel' button on startup progress window. It didn't work
and would require some gymnastic coding to implement usefully.

- Added 'BatchMode' flag for calling IPP script from other scripts.
See demo script RunIPP.jsx for more details.

- Fixed window title to reflect correct script version

- Tweaked text in log file for readability

- Changed behaviour of 'Selection from Bridge' to match behaviour in
Contact Sheet II. If Bridge is running and no files are currently
selected, all image files in the current folder in Bridge will be
processed. The number of files to be processed is now present in the UI.

- Added Progress Bar. This is enabled with the flag
ImageProcessorOptions.USE_PROGRESS_BAR. The default is true.

- Added the ImageProcessorOptions.PROCESS_UNSAVED_IMAGES flag to permit
processing unsaved images. The default is false. You must edit the
script to enable this functionality.

- Fixed JPG Format Progressive bug. The number of scans was not being
set. The variable FileSaveOptions.DefaultJPGScans can be modifed to
change it from the default value of 3.

- Fixed for situations where there are no Action Sets or no Actions
in the selected Action Set.