the G-Viewer - Photoshop CS / CS2

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the G-Viewer - Photoshop CS / CS2

Post by Andrew »

The G-Viewer uses a disabled Gaussian Blur filter to give you a fast, one-key way of inspecting any part of your image at 100% magnification. The G-Viewer does NOT blur your images - but it is preferable and faster to exit the viewer with Esc (or cancel) than with Enter.

The script has been developed on Photoshop CS but I imagine it will work on CS2 as well (please tell me if it does).

This script here is the mini-version which I envisage being run from an action with an F Key attached - so whenever you have an image open that you want to inspect closely you click that F Key.

In it's current form it is set to open the image in Standard Window Mode, with the image Fitted to Window. You can easily change these opening settings in the first few lines of the script:

Code: Select all// choose from 3 initial screen modes by altering which lines are commented out with '//'
imageView('screenModeStandard'); // standard display
//   imageView('screenModeFullScreen'); // full screen mode
//   imageView('screenModeFullScreenWithMenubar'); // full screen with menu bar

// choose from 2 initial zoom levels by altering which lines are commented out with '//'
imageView('FtOn');// fits image to frame size
//   imageView('ActP');// view at 100%

This is an extreme kludge but I find it very useful.