UI Photoshop toolSet - feel free to use

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UI Photoshop toolSet - feel free to use

Post by Lukkar »

Hi everyone,

I want to share with script which I worked lately for some time: https://github.com/Lukkar90/UI-Photoshop-toolSet

From README.md:

You choose opened files in PS or source folder with files to process
Later you decide if you want to save them in original directory or in choosed destination folder
At the end you process files by (Add canvas, Resize image or 2^n canvas) with inputed by user values

List of changed files are written in ChangedFilesList.log, if value in Preferences.ini in "CHANGEDFILESLIST.LOG"- WRITE LOG is =ON

You can change this value by clicking button Settings, then button ChangedFilesList.log" Log

Toolset consist of:
- Add canvas
- Resize image
- 2^n canvas (add canvas for both sides by nearest value of power of 2)
- Settings (Filter source folder files by PNG, hide dialog "Do you want to close all opened files", enable writing changed files in "ChangedFilesList.log")

AppData are in: ~Documents/UI-Photoshop-toolSet:
- ChangedFilesList.log
- Preferences.ini in which you can change values by Settings buttons or by rewriting them in file ("Filter files by PNG" By default, "Do you want to close all opened files?" Dialog, "ChangedFilesList.log" Log)

I tried to create script in that way, you can add/remove/change your own module pretty fast, without a need of changing entire code, just only tiny part of it. If you want to know more information how to do it, you can find it in "How to make own module.md" in github repository

I tested it on CS6 Photoshop, it works nice and smooth so far, but if you have newer version of PS and something doesn't work please let me know via github https://github.com/Lukkar90/UI-Photoshop-toolSet/issues

Also I am open to any code review, if you think some part could be written better or it's lacks some functionalities.
I also encourage to contribute, if you want to ;)

This is MIT licence, so feel free play with this code!
Thanks for your attention.

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Re: UI Photoshop toolSet - feel free to use

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