Photoshop CS (PS8)"r") problems?

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Photoshop CS (PS8)"r") problems?

Post by angryviking »

Hey all, has anyone else had this issue?

Trying to script PSCS on OS X 10.4.11 and every time I try to open a file for reading the open() method returns false and the error property has "Cannot open"

The file path is being chosen with a system file picker and the exists property is true, so it's not a path issue.

Weirder, I can open the file in "w" mode and write to it, and I can open the file in "e" mode but in "e" mode I can not read lines from it because as soon as it is opened it is blanked just like "w" mode.

All was fine when I tested on a different computer with PSCS3. Too bad I can't just do all my work on that one.

A few things I will try when I get to work later...
Will open in "e" mode, write a line, and see if I can read that same line back.
There is a Windows box with PSCS2 on it and I will try this there.
Will run fs_usage in Terminal to see if anything interesting shows up.

We also have After Effects CS3 installed on all of these. Could there be some library mangling going on there that would cause this? If so I suppose that odd configuration would explain why a couple hours of googling revealed no one posting about the same problem.