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Script manager

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jsx_manager.jsx is a tool for people who use JSX files in their workflow. For PS versions >= CS 2.0.
How does it work ?

You can download it here and paste it where you want on your HDD. You can create a folder for it if you want. It is an excellent idea to create an Action that will execute it (File...Scripts...Browse...and the path you decided.
When you execute it for the first time, it will create in the same folder a text file (jsx_manager.ini) in which the scripts you will add will be registered.
When there are scripts in the list of the UI you can select them and execute them directly. If you want to delete a reference, open the ini file with your notepad and delete the line of the script (I did not add a button for this function, may be later if the tool is considered as useful).

My English is poor. If somebody can help to translate my words, it will be very appreciated.
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Re: Script manager

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A nice job
thanks for sharing
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Re: Script manager

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Sorry, I'd love to know the magic of it, but the download address in the link has expired, can anyone help me, or ever had a copy downloaded and saved, thank you very much~