Iterating the Layers and renaming

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Iterating the Layers and renaming

Post by Grrr1337 »

Hi everyone,
File->Scripts->Load Files into Stack... and I'm loading a bunch of .pdf files as layers into my newly created .psd -
Since the layers get names such as "LayerName.pdf",
I'm wondering how I would iterate over them and right-trim the ".pdf" from their name? (with JS preferably)

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Re: Iterating the Layers and renaming

Post by Kukurykus »

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	for(var i = 0, arg = arguments[0]; i < arg.length; i++) {
		if (arg[i].typename == 'LayerSet') this(arg[i].layers)
		else arg[i].name = String(arg[i].name.split(/\.pdf$/i))
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