getting Timeline Layer start frame

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getting Timeline Layer start frame

Post by sandraZetta »

Any ideas on how to get the time of the start of a layer from the Timeline panel in PS?

If I have a layer in the timeline that starts at some arbitrary frame, I'd like to figure out a way to get photoshop to return what frame that is. I’ve been digging through descriptors, and just can’t find it. I did see this great trick on the Photoshop Scripting forum that helps but unfortunately its slow as it means stepping through each frame to check for enabled transforms.

Any ideas out there on how to get a photoshop to return timeline data specific for a selected layer?
Layer timeline start point, Timeline end point, layer Duration, anything really....

Posting this question in a few places, as I've been stumped by this one, and seeing if some of you clever folks out there had any thoughts.