photographer no coding experience

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photographer no coding experience

Post by Doun888 »

Hello and happy new year!

I'm a photographer and i'm using photoshop and need help understanding something please.

Can a script load pictures located in a folder and apply an ACTION on every 2 pics (to blend them together according to my Action)?
Also, i'm wondering if this would be better with Automate Batch?

I have no knowledge of scripting or code and therefore I need a turnkey solution.

The only thing that i could do is change the photoshop ACTION in the script to another action that i can create. Otherwise, i'm not versed in coding of any kind.

My needs are the following: Create a folder or hot folder (don't know what that means but saw it in this scripting community forum) into which i can deposit 2 pics or any amount of pics and the script would do the following:


1- recognize that there are pics in a folder (.png or raw or jpg or tiff, mostly tiff)
2- start the action for every 2 pics in succession (AL123456.tif,Al123457.tif) (AL123500.tif, AL123507.tif) (AL123650.tif, AL123655.tif)
3- save into a new folder for import into Lightroom and keep the same name structure as original pics + merged. example: original = AL109652 & AL109653 saved pic = AL109652-53merged

If you have a better way of doing this, please inform as i'm open to suggestions.

Many thanks!


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Re: photographer no coding experience

Post by drocky »

I see no one has followed up to this post. I am looking to do the exact same thing to run actions on batches of 2 photos at a time. Did you ever find a solution to this? I am trying the script route myself but it isn't easy.

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Re: photographer no coding experience

Post by Dormeur74 »

This is possible ; but may be too late ?

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Re: photographer no coding experience

Post by Kylegas »

Would you need a lot of technical skills to pulls this off, Dormeur74?

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Re: photographer no coding experience

Post by Dormeur74 »

Hi Kylegas,
This is not so difficult to write. I have just written a script like this for Drocky.
His specification :
Stacking Script From Folder
1. Dialog box needs to open asking the location of the directory containing images (documents in the directory will either be TIFF or JPG).
2. Photoshop needs to open first two files in the directory and run the following commands before saving and closing the first file as PSD. I will refer to the open documents as Document1 and Document2 for reference:
a. Copy or move layer from Document2 and place above Background Layer in Document1. Close Document2 at any time now.
b. Unlock Background Layer in Document1 so it is named Layer 0
c. Duplicate both Layer 0 and Layer 1 (copied layer from Document2).
d. Rename "Layer 0 copy" and "Layer 1 copy" to "ONE" and "TWO" respectively.
e. Set visibility of duplicated layers "ONE" and "TWO" to hidden.
f. Select remaining layers "Layer 0" and "Layer 1" and Convert to Smart Object with the two layers.
g. Set stack mode of newly created Smart Object to Mean.
h. Rename Smart Object base layer to "BASE"
i. Finished File should have 3 layers now: BASE, ONE (Hidden) and TWO (Hidden)
3. Save file as PSD with the same name as Document1.
4. Open next two photos. Document3 and Document4 (as an example).
5. Continue steps until all sets of two photos in the directory have completed the Steps 1-3 defined above.

This script is here. You can try it.
If you adapt this specifications to yours, I can modify the script.

You can send me a PM if you need an e-mail exchange.