Scripting "Puppet Warp"

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Scripting "Puppet Warp"

Post by Kueppa »


I´m working with Photoshop CS4 and the "ScriptingListener" and I´m building PS Scripts that do "Transfom-Warp" - Jobs for me.
With Photoshop CS5 I´m planning to work with "Puppet Warp". Does anyone know if this puppetwarping is fully recorded by the
ScriptListener ?

Greets from berlin,


Scripting "Puppet Warp"

Post by xbytor »

It's recordable and scriptable but part of the information is a huge chunk of data for the coordinates of the original mesh,
coordinates for the pins, information about how the pins are moved, and other attributes that I don't have a clue about.

You may find it useful, but I wouldn't have a clue on how to do anything with it.

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Re: Scripting "Puppet Warp"

Post by Manish »

It's been a decade and I am wondering if someone has got any breakthrough in understanding the Puppet Warp listener generated Javascript code? Also i am looking answer for my post in Adobe's Photoshop Forum: How to apply Puppet Warp programmatically(via Photoshop Scripting or C++ plugins)?