Extendscript crash messes up photoshop

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Extendscript crash messes up photoshop

Post by david »

edit: this is with OS X and the latest 8 core Mac Pro.

I've had Photoshop get stuck in a modal dialog box several times. Hitting OK or Cancel doesn't close the box. I can select some Photoshop tools I can't normally select when in a modal dialog. I have to force quit Photoshop CS5 and lose my work.

I just noticed the last couple of times this has happened that ESTK CS5 had crashed in the background, even though I wasn't doing anything with it.

I am the only one at my workplace that uses ESTK and many users on otherwise identical machines have not had the modal dialog issue.

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Extendscript crash messes up photoshop

Post by xbytor »

I've seen the similar problems on Mac and Windows in versions of ESTK since CS3.
It's an annoyance but one that I can't repeat so I live with it.

And, as far as losing work: "Save early; save often" :)