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ActionFile bug

Post by xbytor » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:02 pm

A user found a bug when converting Action files to XML then back to an atn after modifying the XML.
When writing the Action file I was actually writing the contents twice. This bug has been in there for years.
It does not cause any problems except for doubling the file size. ActionFileFromSLCode is similarly affected.

Here's the new script: ... romXML.jsx ... romXML.jsx

If you want to download a current snapshot of all of xtools, go to ... ts/xtools/ ... ts/xtools/

and press "Download GNU tarball". Sometimes it gets a bit flakey and doesn't do a complete download. The file should be a bit over 5meg. If it's smaller than that, try again.

I'll be uploading an official 2.1 release sometime in the next couple of weeks (probably).

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