Copy and paste adjustment layers

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Copy and paste adjustment layers

Post by Antero_26 »

Please tell me how you can implement such an idea:
I select a layer with the mouse - the first script is launched that copies all the adjustment layers belonging to the selected layer (or just copying all the adjustment layers that are above the selected layer).
Then, after selecting another layer, a second script will be run that inserts the previously copied corrective layers and applies them to the selected layer
If it is difficult to implement, then at least tell me in which direction to move -at least you can show small examples
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Re: Copy and paste adjustment layers

Post by Stephen_A_Marsh »

Please post a cropped screenshot of your layers panel before the first script is run, and a separate cropped screenshot after the second script is run, clearly identifying what should take place. A sample layered PSD file would also be helpful.

How do the adjustment layers "belong" to a particular layer? Are they clipped? Are they all contained in a layer group? Do they have a colour label applied? Do they share the same prefix in their name?

Will all layers be visible?

Are layers part of a group, nested group or artboard?