Stacking Script Needed

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Stacking Script Needed

Post by drocky »

I have started experimenting with scripting but I cannot seem to make any headway on the finished result. Below are the basics of what I need the script to accomplish. I essentially have exported folders with 50+ photos which contain sequential sets of 2 different exposures that have been exported from Lightroom. I need Photoshop to open two files at a time, run a series of commands, save as a PSD and then move on to the next two files in the directory until completing all photos within the directory.

Stacking Script From Folder
1. Dialog box needs to open asking the location of the directory containing images (documents in the directory will either be TIFF or JPG).
2. Photoshop needs to open first two files in the directory and run the following commands before saving and closing the first file as PSD. I will refer to the open documents as Document1 and Document2 for reference:
a. Copy or move layer from Document2 and place above Background Layer in Document1. Close Document2 at any time now.
b. Unlock Background Layer in Document1 so it is named Layer 0
c. Duplicate both Layer 0 and Layer 1 (copied layer from Document2).
d. Rename "Layer 0 copy" and "Layer 1 copy" to "ONE" and "TWO" respectively.
e. Set visibility of duplicated layers "ONE" and "TWO" to hidden.
f. Select remaining layers "Layer 0" and "Layer 1" and Convert to Smart Object with the two layers.
g. Set stack mode of newly created Smart Object to Mean.
h. Rename Smart Object base layer to "BASE"
i. Finished File should have 3 layers now: BASE, ONE (Hidden) and TWO (Hidden)
3. Save file as PSD with the same name as Document1.
4. Open next two photos. Document3 and Document4 (as an example).
5. Continue steps until all sets of two photos in the directory have completed the Steps 1-3 defined above.

Please reply and let me know if you are interested in this, how much you would charge and how long it would take. Thank you!

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Re: Stacking Script Needed

Post by Dormeur74 »

May be this script will arrive after the battle, may be not. :P
Your steps were respected.

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Re: Stacking Script Needed

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Bien joue Dormeur74 ! :D