Seeking Scripting Tutor (Paid)

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Seeking Scripting Tutor (Paid)

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I'm a beginning/intermediate level programmer who is seeking tutoring via skype to help round out my understanding of Creative Suite development. I have experience creating scripts for Photoshop, but have very limited experience with scripts in any other program in the creative suite.

I am seeking help with creating scripts to work with files in bridge and then execute scripts on those files to process them in primarily Photoshop and/or add them to layouts in inDesign, as the per requirements.

Topics Needing Tutoring:

-Better understanding of the DOM
-Creating scripts for Bridge
-Creating scripts for inDesign
-Interface creation
-Other topics we would discover


- Advancd/Expert level Creative suite development level skills
- Ability to clearly explain tops to be covered
- Skype screen-sharing capabilities
- Clearly spoken english
- Generally a nice person


-Non-contracted, Hourly compensation

How to Apply:

Please send me a PM that includes the following:
-A little about yourself
-Your level of experience (be brief)
-A link to some of your work (this can be just a link to your posts here)
-Your hourly tutoring rate