Run Batch, Target Only .PSD Files and Not .PDF Files

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Run Batch, Target Only .PSD Files and Not .PDF Files

Post by MarkAnthony1986 »

I have a folder that is a mixture of .PSD files and .PDF files.

I'd like to run a particular action via the Batch feature in PS. Is there any way to only Batch the files that match the .PSD extension, ignoring the .PDF extensions?

Right now, I'm having to put the .PDF files into another folder every morning, just so I can run my action on the .PSD files.

I hope this makes sense. We’re happy to pay if anyone have the knowledge to help us out with this.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Run Batch, Target Only .PSD Files and Not .PDF Files

Post by Kukurykus »

Yes you can do it easier way by scripting, so without Photoshop batch, and only for specific operation instead of things you don't need they are in Photoshop Batch. Also the way to process files by pressing one key without additional settings.

I'm quite buys now, but if you are interested in the script I sent to you PM...