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Palette window hides behind Dialog

Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:57 pm
by undavide

I've a ScriptUI Window of type 'dialog', which needs (when the user press a button) to temporarily display a Window of type 'palette' with a message like "Progress..." - when a certain routine is done, the 'palette' closes and the user can interact again with the 'dialog'.
Problem is that by default the 'palette' hides behind the 'dialog' - is there a way to bring it to front?

I've tried using another 'dialog' in lieu of the palette: it goes in front of the main dialog - but it's not viable since it "steals" the JS interpreter attention:

Code: Select allMain Dialog (button click)
|- "Processing" pop up
| (routine starts)
| (routine completes)
|- pop up closes
Focus again on the Main Dialog

If the "Processing" pop up is another 'dialog', the routine never starts.

Alternatively, I thought to retrieve the dialog x,y and move/display the palette in a "free" position - window.frameBounds is possibly a choice.

Thank you!

Davide Barranca