Running vs updating an action step: can it be detected?

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Running vs updating an action step: can it be detected?

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I have a script that has communication with actions set up such that when the script is called when an action is recorded, the script options are saved as part of the action step that calls the script.

Now, lets say that one of those saved options is a folder, and the folder path stored in the action step is invalid (for any number of reasons, but lets assume because the folder was deleted after the step was recorded).

The script can detect an invalid path no problem. However, I want different things to happen depending on how it's being called:

1. IF the script is simply being run, show a message instructing the user to update the path and exit.
2. IF the script is being updated (by double-clicking the step) show the message but then show the GUI to make the change.

Is there a way to programmatically tell if an action is being called as a simple run, or if it being called as an update/double click?