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Deployment Guidelines

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I thought I'd start a topic here so I can note issues that come up for me as I'm getting my toolkit ready for deployment and guidelines that are helping me get finished.
The toolkit is going to be compromised of roughly 60 scripts: 20 application scripts, and 40 library scripts. So some of my deployment problems may be a bit different than yours.

Deployment Guidelines
Only use includepath directives in application scripts. Let the library scripts rely on the application script that is including them to get the include paths correct.Construct your includepath directives in such a way as to simplify their modification at installation time.Provide an Action file as a part of your package that contains actions that invoke each of your application scripts. This reduces the need to place application scripts under the Presets or Presets/Scripts directories.Provide an installation script that will modify the includepath directives in application scripts and the scripts' paths in any Action files provided.Provide installation and uninstallation instructions, regardless of how rudimentary they might be.Provide a README file in every directory that describes the contents of that directory.
Some of this may seem obvious, but I list these things here because these are the things that I have forgotten or have had to spend some time getting correct. BTW, I do have the code working that will modify script paths in Action files: I do eat my own dog food...

More to come.