Layer comp to file modification

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Layer comp to file modification

Post by musvikus »

Hi Guys, I am new and a noob. I tried to modify this script by myself, read some posts found on google but probably I am to noob.
I have new PS CC from Creative cloud subscription so always the newest.

I would like to add an option to this script option where the ''save transparency''' will be possible. (this option is available when doing normal save as->tiff-> and pop up window appear with this option

Reference from normal ''save as''
image below
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Right now when I try to export image I have always white background on TIFF. Even if the background layer is turned off during the export.
Are you able to help with proper command and placement for this command?

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Re: Layer comp to file modification

Post by Kukurykus »

Including Layers is not an option in this case?