Light Table script

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Light Table script

Post by Dido_BG »

Hi there,

First excuse me if my english is bad but i'm still learning.

My name is Dido and i'm from Bulgaria. About half a year ago i found a few helpful scripts for Photoshop and since than i start learning how to script.
Last week i,ve finished my last script wich name is "Light table" and i'm pretty happy with the final result. The script is oriented more to animators but i think it can be helpful for other people for who is anoing to change a few layers' opacity one at a time.
So, the script actually is a window with 2 panels and each panel have 5 sliders. The left 5 controls the opacity for layers' above the active one and the right 5 for layers' below the active one.
The script works best with PS CS2 i've test in CS3 but the situation is alot different there and the script doesn't work properly.

Here is a link for the sript.

P.S. Please test it and if works fine enjoy it.