Utility Script Pack 3.0 for Bridge

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Utility Script Pack 3.0 for Bridge

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Just wanted to announce that my Utility Script Pack for Bridge is about to be updated to version 3.0. The older version 2.1 is currently on Adobe Exchange.

I've made numerous changes and additions, including:

Backup Settings - Backups up and restores Favorites, Labels, and Keywords

DNG Convert - front end for the Adobe DNG Converter, allows conversion of individual files rather than an entire folder

Keyword Capture - creates a list of keywords from a file selection to import into Bridge

Launch Folder - sets a default folder for Bridge to automatically open at launch

Move items - one-click command to move selected items into a new or existing folder

Open Directly - bypass ACR and open selection directly into Photoshop

PDF Export - streamlines creating PDF files with the Output module and adds features

Window Sync - brings back the New Synchronized Window command

I have fixed numerous bugs and back-ported scripts for Bridge CC 2018 compatibility. I do recommend using the latest CC 2020 release.

This script pack is released under the Apache license and is free for commercial and non-commercial use. I have the current developmental version, ready for testing, on Dropbox for download. Installation instructions are in the Help file.

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9pmgh8x5hftl ... 4eVIa?dl=0