Batch copy xmp corrections? Will pay!

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Batch copy xmp corrections? Will pay!

Post by agour »

Hi all!

I've got a request for a script to automate the copying of XMP files. I have zero knowledge about scripting, so would happily pay someone to complete this task for me.

Essentially I have a few folders of image sequences. I want to make edits to the first image in each folder, hit a button, and then have bridge copy those corrections to ever image in the same folder.

Obviously you can do this manually, but when I select 1000+ images and press 'apply corrections' Bridge grinds to a halt and takes 15 minutes or so to make the changes.


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Batch copy xmp corrections Will pay

Post by Michaelbig »

Bit of discussion on the other thread but I wanted to make a poll Are you going to pay the extra fee for 07 server?

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Re: Batch copy xmp corrections? Will pay!

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Could you be more specific - what is 07 server and how is that related to this topic, also could you leave a link to that discussion, THX!