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Dear friends,
Hello to everybody. It's the first time that I am using this forum... that's way because I'm trying for a some days ago to find the way to import a field of one xls file to another field into an IPTC of a batch of pictures jpg. I've tried to do it using some applications/scripts that I found navigation in Google (DIY, VRA Metadata...). It seems that my problem is the configuration of the new file that I have to buid with the excel file.
This excel file (.xls) has some fields that I don't need. I only need to use one column, where exists all the information for the caption of each picture. Each picture has a different caption, and I have to import it from this excel. The jpg,s. files has already a little info into the field caption that I had to replace of the info of this excel. The code of the pictures is the same than the code of the field Code Number that exists on the .xls. For example: for the 068070.jpg I have the 068070 typed on the firts column of the .xls, and its description / caption.
I am not using scripts, etc. However I have found some sollutions using scripts... This is new for me unless I use Photoshop for many years ago. Now I'm very tired to try to find a sollution. I have found this forum and I thought that maybe somebody could help me...
I use: MAC OS X 10.7.5 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.1

Thanks in advance for your help!!!! Best regards from Barcelona!! Fede