Run Web Photo Gallery Script, for X and/or convert to OO

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Run Web Photo Gallery Script, for X and/or convert to OO

Post by garek007 »

X -

Here is the script as you requested. I've now added an interface so it runs differently than before.

New functions I've added are toward the end of the functions section and the function 'sharpenValues' is my first crack at OO programming. Technically, I'm not sure if that is the proper way to do an object, but it seemed to work and to simplify things.

This came about when I tried to pass one variable, comma delimited to a sharpen function that needed 3 variables, amount, ratio, threshold. Obviously, he sharpen function would not work with the comma delimited value when it actually needed numbers. Rather than attempt to write three new variables and a messy function which split the comma delimited string and returned the values, I stumbled upon the object method. It happened when I tried to write a normal function to return 3 values, did a google search for how to do this and someone explained using objects.