Get the length of textselection

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Get the length of textselection

Post by Dido_BG »

The textselection can be usefull in some cases but its not easy to work with it.
Here is a way to get the length.

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function txtSelectionLength (){
   // The textselection can be edit only in time of assignment = /\n*.+\n*/g,
      // Instead of string the second argument can be anonymous function with n number of arguments
      // The first argument (a in this case) is the entire match
      // The following arguments will be the backreferences (characters enclosed with parentheses) used in the regular expression
      // In this case we need the entire textselection so there is no need of backreferences  //
      function(a){ //<F1
         // Assign the length in global variable //
         len = a.length
         // Return the entire match so there will be no change in the textselection //
         return a;

var txt = "12345";

var w = new Window ('dialog', "Test"); = w.add ('edittext', undefined, txt,{multiline:true}); = [350,150];
   // Create a button that will call the textselection function // = w.add ('button', undefined, "Length")
   w.onShow = function (){
      // Because the texselection is bugged it needs to be called once when its length is 0 or it will erase the selected text
      txtSelectionLength ()
   } = function (){
      // For some reason the selection have to be assigned twice to give the proper result
      txtSelectionLength ()
      txtSelectionLength ()
      alert ("Length is: " + len)
   } () ()