Automated workflow

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Automated workflow

Post by chartistsunil »

Hello, sir pls help me.
I want a script that will open one by one image from specific folder and play an action and save. Than wait for 2 minute to do the same task for another image. Is it possible?

Pls note I don't want batch render command as this command is working only in backgroud and too fast it wont open image in photoshop. I want to see each image process in photoshop visually.

I'm using mac bigsur

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Re: Automated workflow

Post by Kukurykus »

I understand the process of first image lasts 2 minutes. When it's finished, the same 2 minutes process starts for second image?

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Re: Automated workflow

Post by txuku »


I have a little trouble understanding the interest of the thing ??? :)