Puppet warp pin placement

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Puppet warp pin placement

Post by kenf »

Hi all, I am a beginner but I sometimes create simple scripts by converting actions to jsx files with the CEP toolkit. I'm trying to create one now that places puppet warp pins on a smart object layer but I'm having trouble with the action portion of it. The pin placement records fine and it's visible within the action step details, and it also plays back as an isolated step fine, however once enter is pressed the puppet warp data is erased for some reason.

Here is a simplified action file for example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t6b2k5ex1xdpi ... s.atn?dl=0

If I do this same step manually the pins are applied to the smart object as an editable smart filter, which is what I'm hoping to reproduce with the action and ultimately a script.

Does anyone know why this might not be working or know if this is possible another way?

Thank you.