Running Javascript through AutoHotkey

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Running Javascript through AutoHotkey

Post by netmano90 »

I have this idea, taking Photoshop events recorded and converted to Javascript code using Adobe's script listener and then triggering this Javascript code using Autohotkey.

For example, recording an action that will trigger free transform in Photoshop and then triggering it via Autohotkey.

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Run, SomeJavaScript.jsx, C:\Users\Me\Documents\Adobe Scripts\     
I think this will prove to be slow. as it is accesing a file on a HDD. Is there a way to have the .JS code to be "live" so that it is always ready to be executed by Autohotkey ?

I am new to Javascript within the context of Photoshop, so I am just looking to be pointed in the right direction to learn more. Thanks for reading.

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Re: Running Javascript through AutoHotkey

Post by txuku »


You can try an Autohotkey search

I already used it on this post from Kukurykus

But you are looking for complicated things !

I use listener script but I prefer to organize the script obtained before launching it ..........
variables ....... and so on........... :ugeek: