Updating Numerical Value to Be Even

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Re: Updating Numerical Value to Be Even

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mycort wrote:
Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:05 am
Hi Mike,

your right about the 2 files, one retina @2x and one at normal size...... but even these need to have a size that needs to be divided evenly for quality issues....as an example, a button needs to be 140 x 60px, not 141 x 63px.

I'm really talking about something else......this is about creating pixel measurement (blue print) that shows spacings and sizes of things in the screen for engineers use for a guide in building. When I measure out a spacing within the screen, sometimes I get an odd number. Then I would adjust the ui elements by decrease or increase the spacing and run the measure script to get a even number....

it would be just much easier if we adjusted all text layers with numbers to be even so that we dont need to adjust the ui elements in the screen....

Here's a link to what I mean:

I just need to have a script that checks all the text layers with values and make them even....

hopefully that makes sense.
Yes the issue is got solved by the given Pixel spec measuring script for Photoshop link is not working which is having me a issue with setting a photo resolution to which they want a specific resolution for a Photo.