Photoshop CS 2 quites without warning

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Photoshop CS 2 quites without warning

Post by TGia »

Has anyone had this happen to them? When working on a file in Photoshop CS 2 the program will disappear while working on the file.
You need to save allot with this program upgrade.


Photoshop CS 2 quites without warning

Post by xbytor »

I don't see it happen all that often. When it does happen, it's usually after I've done something in Javascript that PS doesn't like. The ActionDescriptor interface is the easiest way to crash PS from JS.

You can also get failures like this when you max out physical memory and are doing involved work with File and Folder objects.

There may be other ways of consistently getting PS to crash, but this is my short list.


Photoshop CS 2 quites without warning

Post by w2ed »

Not on my machines at work, but they are newer G5's. How much memory, hard disk space and type of processor do you have? Also, are you running any extra programs?

Mike Hale

Photoshop CS 2 quites without warning

Post by Mike Hale »

I can't recall any of the newer versions Photoshop ever crashing when I was working in the GUI.

Like X, I have had it crash when I have been trying something in a script.

There was also one time when someone at work download and installed a browser add-on. Whenever I tried to run a script CS2 would close. I did a system restore to remove the browser thingy and CS2 was fine.

To add to w2ed list, you might also want to check your ram. One of the chips may have a bad address.