PSConstants ID collisions

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PSConstants ID collisions

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PSConstants and id2char were updated to handle ID collisions across different kinds of IDs. As it turns out, there are also collisions within ID kinds.

Here is the list of collisions in the current version.
The first column is the ID kind, the second is the character ID, the third and fourth are the colliding symbols.

PSClass, GnrP, GeneralPrefs, Preferences
PSEnum, Blks, Blacks, Blocks
PSEnum, FlIn, FileInfo, FillInverse
PSEnum, LghO, LightenOnly, LightOmni
PSEnum, Mgnt, Magenta, Magentas
PSKey, BlcL, BlackLevel, BlackLimit
PSKey, Cnst, Constant, Constrain
PSKey, Cntr, Center, Contrast
PSKey, Dstr, Distortion, Distribution
PSKey, Grn , Grain, Green
PSKey, Intr, InterfaceIconFrameDimmed, Interlace
PSKey, Intr, Interlace, Interpolation
PSKey, Lngt, Length, TermLength
PSKey, NmbL, NumberOfLayers, NumberOfLevels
PSKey, ShdI, ShadingIntensity, ShadowIntensity
PSKey, Strt, Saturation, Start
PSKey, TxtC, TextClickPoint, TextureCoverage
PSKey, TrnG, TransparencyGrid, TransparencyGridSize
PSKey, TrnS, TransferSpec, TransparencyShape